Question:Being A  Gay Is Still A Problem ?

I once undergo a discriminatory experience:
Is everyone here still holds a Negative or a discriminatory attitude to the gays? If you are,i hope this post here i release can convince you to change your mind.Just now when I was browsing the facebook and see this romantic image by accident,the moment i see it feels like a power of beauty flows trough my body and soul.Like two beautiful angels kissing in heaven.I still feel puzzled that in this over-opened society why some people feel be ok with heterosexual kissing but not ok with homosexual kissing or making love? I do believe there is no genders in a real love relationship.I write this post not only because i am a gay that i am sad some people can not understand the people like me,mainly because i think every form of love should be respected.And this opinion should be taken like early days we think women should enjoy the same rights with men,the black persons should be respected fairly.So all those society affairs come to humanism,either does Gay Love".

We have seen so many issues about some gay couples getting discrimination by friends or parents,for most of gays,what they really worried about is what could happen when their parents know their real sexual orientation,will their parents take it or not? As far as we know or imagine in some countries or some places being a gay even became a deviant or disgrace problem,I am here shame to mention those counties.And i am here glory to comment that some countries had ready released some laws to protect the gay`s rights,and even in countries like Dutch or Norway allow homosexual marriage.

Does everyone understands the pain that your pure love isn`t get respected fairly compared to the heterosexuals just because you are a gay ? Or when your so-call friends will ignore you or they will look down on you after they know you love guys? Those Ironically things indeed happen to me.It was not a long time ago,i know a new friend on facebook,and we are easy to talk,for me,i think the first rule to respect your friend is to be yourself that is to say let people know what kind of person you are.So i tell the truth that i am a gay,this hypocrisy friend never talks to me anymore.Yes, i am a gay,but did i kill someone before? Or did i ask him for sex? Being a gay doesn`t mean i am promiscuous.This guy is so ignorance and lamentable.

Whatever,screw him.And i tell you what,there is nothing i feel more proud of than being a gay,and every gay should be proud.Sometime i wanna tell lord that thank you let me be a beautiful gay,what feels so great !

 *Statement From Author:Before this, i released this experience on my another blog"Fashion&Culture Diary",and this blog "only the boys" is something and some events about gay boys,who should also deserved to get respects,so please everyone accept us.

*Written By Royal Wang


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  1. This looks like it is going to be a great site and the stats and quote below.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. ashi says:

    great post! very interesting and well said ....I believe soon things will be a whole lot better including being more open :)

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